4th International Focus Workshop

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Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti

Barberino Tavarnelle, Firenze Italy

July 17-19  2019 


The Chianti Topics International Focus Workshop is an extraordinary opportunity for experts in a selected field to meet and discuss in the beauty of the Chianti hills and a unique chance for an in-depth study of a topic to young researchers. The 4° edition of the Chianti Topics is organized by Università di Firenze and Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) and will offer an up-to-date view in the planetary atmosphere and Solar System planetary analogues and models and will invite researcher to discuss their recent results in this frontier field of research, giving highlights on future projects and research.




  1. Planets, Moons and Exoplanets: Surfaces, Atmospheres and Exospheres

  2. Photochemistry and star-planet, moon-planet interactions

  3. Analogues of planetary atmospheres and environments

  4. Laboratory experiments on biospheres and biosignatures in planetary atmospheres


This workshop is one of several focused workshops, with at least 50 participants, most of them students, that every year will tackle and digs a specific item in different scientific topics. The workshop will last three days and speakers are invited to have a full immersion for all three days with a direct contact with the other participants in order to discuss and share knowledge. The sessions are composed of 45/30 minutes talks followed by 10-15 minutes for questions and discussion.  At the end of the workshop a round table on the selected topic will be organized.

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