6th Chianti Topics – International Focus Workshop


Bagno a Ripoli, Firenze, Italy

Spring 2024 


The Workshop has been moved to spring 2024 due to other conferences overlapping and a low number of submitted abstracts.

The SOC encourage you to stay tuned and register as soon as the next announcement will be issued (around November 2023).

Sorry for any inconvenience


The main aim of the Chianti Topics is to let experts in a research field meet, to allow students to discuss with the experts and to favour the exchange of information mainly through informal discussions in a pleasant and comfortable environment.


The Chianti Topics International Focus Workshop is an extraordinary opportunity for experts in a selected field to meet young researchers in the unique surroundings of the medieval ANTICO SPEDALE DEL BIGALLO nearby Florence. The 6th edition of the Chianti Topics is organised by Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti, Università di Firenze, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF), DISTAV Università di Genova, Società Geologica Italiana, Sezione Geologia Planetaria della Società Geologica Italiana, Sezione Geologia Strutturale della Società Geologica Italiana, Società Italiana di Scienze Planetarie, and Centro Interdipartimentale Universitario ORSA. It aims to offer an up-to-date view of planetary environments from Earth to Exoplanets through the Solar System. This ambitious multi-disciplinary approach is an incredible and unique opportunity to share expertise and create synergies. All contributions dealing with studies, observations and experiments (in-field or laboratory) on analogous planetary environments are welcome. We invite students and post-docs to join researchers and experts to attend and discuss their recent results in this frontier research, highlighting future projects and research.




  1. The physics and chemistry of the planetary surfaces and subsurfaces     

  2. The physics and chemistry of rocky and icy planets and moons in the Solar System

  3. The physics and chemistry of rocky, icy, and ocean exoplanets

  4. Interactions between planetary surfaces and interiors with the atmospheres

  5. Modelling surfaces, subsurfaces, geological activity, and interactions with the atmosphere

  6. Earth and Space experiments to study planetary environments


The mission of the Chianti Topics Workshops is to bring a limited number of attendees, most of them students, to deal with a specific scientific topic yearly. The speakers and attendees are invited to a three-day full immersion to discuss and share their knowledge and expertise among themselves and especially with young researchers and students. The sessions are composed of 30-minute talks followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion. A round table on the selected topic closes the workshop to focus on the perspectives and future activities.


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