3rd International Focus Workshop

Near Earth Objects: opportunities and risks

San Donato in Poggio, Firenze

9-11 October 2017


Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti, Università di Firenze, INAF


Due to the unexpectedly low number of registrations,

we are sorry to inform you that the workshop is cancelled.




  • NEO dynamics
    • how to identify a potential impactor
    • what do we understand of the motion of NEOs
    • over what time span it makes sense to do impact monitoring
  • Physics of NEOs
    • composition
    • rotational states
    • presence of satellites
    • surface properties relevant to mitigation
  • NEO observations
  • wide surveys and their benefits for the astronomical community
  • the potential of the new survey telescopes
  • the NEO Segment of the ESA-SSA programme
  • the ASI contribution: site selection, data centre, operations
  • data processing and the software pipeline
  • Monitoring fireballs
    • The importance of all-sky surveys
    • PRISMA and FRIPON networks
    • Collecting and classifying meteorites
    • Origin and links to the parent bodies


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