3rd International Focus Workshop

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Inclusion and intercultural aspects in astro-tourism activities



San Donato in Poggio, Firenze

11-13 July 2018


Who is “a tourist”?

Tourist – A curious person who want to explore his or her local territory, but also foreign lands both natural or built by men, and the Universe on the whole!




1) Best practices in astro-tourism

Under this topic we might consider examples of very successful activities which have the sky as the main object and at the same time have the capability to attract a lot of tourists (from science centres fully integrated in the tourist offer of a specific city or location, to sky gazing activities in the tourist resorts all over the world). But here we also consider all those actions and projects, which can have a huge impact on tourist attraction capability, but which are not actually considered under this point of view.

Those projects with a high degree of innovation, or with scalable characteristics will have the priority


2) Intercultural aspects in astro-tourism

Under this topic we might consider tourists oriented projects, which place emphasis on the sky as the common roots for all Mankind or as a powerful leverage for different cultures integration. Those projects with an high degree of interdisciplinary (history, art, science…) will have the priority.


3) Inclusion in astro-tourism

Under this topic we might consider those actions (already existing or yet to be conceived), which can make astro-tourism experiences available to everyone (visual impaired, deaf, or other not only with physical disabilities but also, for example, with learning problems…)



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