6th Chianti Topics – Feb 27th Presentations

Instruments & Techniques

Gabriele Umbriaco
Università di Bologna

Speckle interferometry at the Asiago Astrophysical Observatory

Luca Zampieri
INAF – Padova

Ultra-fast optical photometry with the Asiago telescopes

David Darson
Ecole Normale Superior – Paris

SIRIS : a new, fast, high dynamic, and very low noise SWIR camera installed on the T1m of Pic du Midi

Gabriele Rodeghiero
INAF – Bologna

A new near-infrared imager for the 1.1m infrared telescope of the Campo Imperatore Observatory

Paolo Picchi
Università di Firenze

A different window to the sky

Leonardo Vanzi
Universidad Catolica de Chile

High Resolution Spectroscopy with small telescopes and low budget

Small Telescope Networks

Anastasia Kokori
University College of London
(United Kingdom)

Re-inventing the use of small telescopes in the new exoplanet era:
Lessons learned from the ExoClock project

Dario Barghini
INAF – Torino

PRISMA: a network of very small telescopes for the monitoring of bright meteors and the recovery of freshly-fallen meteorites in Italy

Lorenzo Betti
Università di Firenze

The scientific role of the Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti in the GAPS and TFOP networks

Youdong Hu
INAF – Brera

The burst observer and optical transient exploring system in the multi-messenger astronomy era

Solar Observations

Ilaria Ermolli
INAF – Roma

About one-order of magnitude smaller, but still challenging and breakthrough: the case for solar telescopes

Lorenzo Cabona
INAF – Brera

LOCNES: a specialized small telescope designed for the investigation of the Sun-as-a-star spectra in the Near Infrared. Commissioning and first scientific results.

Space Telescope

Emanuele Pace
Università di Firenze

The Ariel Telescope

Fatemeh Zahra Majidi
Blue Skies Space
(United Kingdom)

Mauve: A UV-Vis Cubesat dedicated to studying the Stellar Magnetic Activity

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