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Wednesday – 11 May

14.00-14.10           Welcome

14.10-14.50            Ivo Saviane                                                                             Invited talk

Small telescopes at La Silla: Science and Challenges

14.50-15.20            Lina Tomasella

The telescopes and instrumentation operating at the Asiago Observational Site

15.20-15.40            Coffee break

15.40-16.20            Paolo Calcidese                                                                     Invited Talk

APACHE Project: A PAthway toward the Characterization of Habitable Earths, Astronomical Observatory of Aosta Valley

16.20-16.50            Italo Foppiani

The observing station at Loiano (Bologna), current status and perspectives

16.50-17.20            Riccardo Claudi

The Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti: small steps to big science

17.20-17.50            Giuseppe D’Ago

Salerno University Observatory and the search for exoplanetary systems

17.50-18.20           Andrea Di Paola

The observing station of Campo Imperatore

19.00                     Welcome drink at Fattoria Casa Sola

Thursday 12 May

09.00-09.40          Iair Arcavi                                                                             invited talk

LCOGT Network

09.40-10.20           Vladimir Lipunov                                                               Invited talk

Master Global Robotic Telescopes net (TBC)

10.20-10.50            Giuseppe Leto

Robotic telescope at Serra La Nave Observatory

10.50-11.10            Coffee break

11.10-11.40             Corinne Rossi

Good science with small telescopes

11.40-12.10             Agnieszka Slowikowska

Optical photo- and polari-metry with 0.5m-2m telescopes

12.10-12.40            Lorenzo Cabona

Commissioning and photometry at the OARPAF

12.40-13.10            Davide Ricci

Multi-filter, multi-telescope exoplanetary transit observations


14.00-14.40            Daniele Gardiol                                                                      Invited talk

PRISSMA – Prima Rete Italiana per la Sorveglianza Sistematica di Meteore e Atmosfera

14.40-15.20            Alberto Buzzoni                                                                      Invited talk

Optical tracking of deep-space probes and space debris: small-telescope rebirth in the framework of Space Situational Awareness activities

15.20-15.40            Coffee break

15.40-16.10            Michal Pawlak

Eclipsing Binaries Study based on the OGLE Survey

16.10-16.40            Luigi Mancini

The HATSouth survey

16.40-17.10            Emilio Molinari

REM: 13 years collecting data and problems

17.10-17.40            Riccardo Smareglia

Astronomical Archives: It’s rules for small and big telescope. IA2 vision and services

17.40-18.15            Filippo Mannucci                                                                    Invited talk

Francesco Palla: science and culture for professionals and the public

18.45-22.00            Visit to Badia a Passignano and Social dinner

Friday 13 May

09.00-09.30            Caterina Boccato

Outreach and education in astronomical observing facilities: two examples

09.30-10.00            Giuseppe Mogavero

The Madonie Astronomical Park at Isnello

10.00-10.30            Claudio Dandolo

Small telescopes: new optical and technical solutions

10.30-10.50            Coffee break

10.50-11.30            Isabella Pagano                                                                     Invited talk

Small telescopes for big science from space

11.30-12.00            Giuseppe Altavilla

Gaia Science Alerts

12.00-12.30            Emanuele Pace

The Atmosphere Remote-Sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey (ARIEL)


14.10-15.00            Massimo Turatto                                                                     Invited talk

Small Italian Telescopes. A Context in Evolution

15.00-15.30            Coffee break

15.30-16.30            Round table: What a future for Small Telescopes in Italy

chair: Massimo Turatto

16.30-17.00            Concluding remarks

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